Seasonal Program Guides

Seasonal Program Guides

The Kaukauna Recreation Department offers a variety of recreational opportunities for people of all ages.  We try to let people know about these programs in traditional ways such as posters, flyers and press releases, and less traditional electronic ways such as our website and Facebook.  This year, we are again mailing our three seasonal Program Guides directly to each household in Kaukauna.  That's approximately 7300 households!

Below, you can find links to the online versions of our past three Program Guides.

Winter/Spring Program Guide

Distributed in early December, this Program Guide covers programs that take place during the months January through May.

2016 Winter/Spring Program Guide

Summer Program Guide

Distributed in early April, this Program Guide covers programs that take place during the months May through August.

2016 Summer Program Guide

Fall/Winter Program Guide

Distributed in early August, this Program Guide covers programs that take place during the months September through December.

2016 Fall/Winter Program Guide

Program Guide Advertising Sponsorship

The printed version of the Program Guide is an 8"x10", high quality, full-color publication.  As you might imagine, printing and distributing over 7600 copies of this publication creates a rather large expense.  To offset some of this cost, we are seeking advertisements to place in the Program Guide as advertising/sponsorship.

If you have an interest in advertising/sponsoring the Program Guides, please contact the Recreation Department office at 766-6335.  Advertising in this publication does more than just touch base with your customers.  It also shows people that your organization is community minded and committed to assisting us in providing quality recreational opportunities for kids.